February 13, 2015

ARC Review: Make Me Up (Killer Style #3) by Avery Flynn

Release Date: February 16th, 2015
Rating: 4 stars
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I received this Advance Reader Copy from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

Former special ops-turned private-investigator Cam Hardy leaves a trail of broken hearts wherever he goes. He's all charm and sex appeal, and who can blame him for putting it to good use? Besides, it works damn well on the stunning and tough-as-nails makeup artist Drea Sanford. Only this time, Cam may be in over his head...

Drea is trying to keep her naughty affair with Cam a secret. After all, he's Harbor City's version of a Casanova...if Casanova had a motorcycle. When Cam makes their hot little liaison known to the public, however, Drea vows never to have sex with him again. Then one of her clients turns up dead. Now Drea is suspect number one—and she needs Cam's help. But sleeping with him is one thing...trusting him is quite another.

*I received this Advance Reader Copy in exchange for my honest review*

First Thoughts

I loved this book! The characters were enjoyable, the scenes were steamy, and the mystery piqued my curiosity! Hats off to Avery Flynn for writing such a quick, fun read!

What I Enjoyed

Cam. Cam is perfectly swoon-worthy! I've always been a sucker for the "player gone good" and Cam definitely fell in that category! I loved the passages from his perspective-- it was entirely cute watching him go back and forth between wanting to rip Drea's clothes off and trying to prove he was giving up his gigolo ways for her. Poor guy!

The novel could be read as a somewhat of a standalone. Although Make Me Up is book 3 in the Killer Style series, it could be read on its own with little to no confusion. There were times where it was obvious that a character had been introduced in a previous book, but Make Me Up was still fantastic at explaining who each character was.

The steaminess. A couple of those scenes had me fanning myself and giggling like a little girl! Cam and Drea are so sexy together. Their passion and draw to each other was undeniable!

Avery Flynn's writing. Avery Flynn's writing style is so casual and I love it! It almost felt like a raunchy friend who likes to curse was telling me a story about her two friends, Cam and Drea. The vocabulary was simple enough for anyone to enjoy, the sexual innuendos were completely hilarious, and the characters were realistic.


Tall, lean, and a little bit mean-- just the way Cam liked them. They'd spent a weekend naked and happy until the chief found them playing Adam and Eve at the Harrison family cabin. How was he supposed to know she'd blown off a cousin's wedding for wild monkey sex in the woods?
Hilarious, right?

Recommended For

Romance lovers who love a little steaminess in their books, fans of bad boys turned good, or anyone who loves a good mystery!

Happy Reading!

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