The first book I ever remember reading was a Charles Schulz book full of Peanuts comic strips. The words were so simple, the pictures so entertaining- I fell in love. Soon after, I was reading children's books: Clifford & Winnie the Pooh were my favorites. Before long, I graduated to more difficult books. You could always find me late at night, under my bed covers with a flashlight turning the pages of a Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys mystery. I loved the places I went, the people I met, and the adventures I had-- all imagined through the words of a good book!

That was a long time ago! Now that I'm a little older, my tastes have become a little more specific. I enjoy the Young Adult genre the most, with focus on dystopians, romance, & fantasy.

My favorite series of all time will forever be the Harry Potter series. (Thank you JK Rowling for taking me on that journey throughout my childhood and early teen years!)

When I'm not reading, I enjoy cuddling in my California home with my puppy Skywalker, fine dining with my fiance Nic, and going out for a few drinks with my trio of best girlfriends.

Happy Reading, Everyone!

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