June 8, 2015


Hey, all! I'm going to be on a hiatus for a bit. Work and the amount of time it takes me to get there has been consuming my life.

Just to give you a bit of an idea: I get up at 6am, leave the house at 7 to be at work by 8:45 (curse you, traffic!). I'm at work til 5pm and get home around 6:45. So from that time til I go to bed (about 10 or 11pm), I have to cook dinner, eat, spend time with my dog and husband, and work out. Sigh. I am exhausted all the time.

As you all know, blogging takes HOURS. Thinking up new posts, writing them, proof reading, responding to comments, visiting the blogs of your friends... I just don't have the time right now. I'll be back soon, though!

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