May 6, 2015

Let's Discuss: #bookwormproblems (Oh, & I'm Back From My Honeymoon!)

Wedding stress is finally over and I'm back from Hawaii, you guys! There were a few hiccups before the wedding- like accidentally shattering my phone on the concrete while trying to call my parents who got lost with my wedding dress!- Other than that, what a beautiful day!

Hawaii was amazing, too! The Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort was absolutely gorgeous! I'll try to post some pictures soon!

Also, thank you for visiting the posts I scheduled for while I was gone! I appreciate every comment and I will respond and visit your blogs throughout the rest of this week!

On another note, while I was daydreaming by the pool during my honeymoon, I started thinking of how relaxing it was to be free of book struggles for the week. For example, spending hours adding new books on Goodreads, having a whole list of books to read next but never abiding by it, etc.
If you're a bookworm like me,
you can probably relate to these #bookwormproblems I've experienced:

1. Falling in love with someone who isn't real.

2. Your TBR has grown out of control.

3. Amazon & One-Click. Enough Said.

4. "Starting" a book before bedtime.

5. When someone doesn't like your favorite book.

6. Book to movie adaptations.

7. When your favorite character dies.

8. Books getting in the way of life.

9. When books let you down.

10. When someone spoils a book/series.

11. Getting asked what your favorite book is.

12. Trying to decide what to read next.

13. When the last book was too good.

What other bookworm problems have you encountered?

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