May 12, 2015

Booklover Buys: Harry Potter Themed Party Ideas

Booklover Buys is a post I do every Tuesday to share all the awesome bookish stuff I see while searching the internet.

Every week, I share book-related items of a certain theme or from a specific website.

This week's theme is: Things to Buy When Hosting a Harry Potter Themed Party.

The list includes decoration, food, and drink ideas.

Decor Ideas

No party is complete without first sending invitations.
How adorable are these Harry Potter owl invitations?
All you need are balloons, antique paper, twine, and wax.
Photo credit.

Remember the Hogwarts acceptance letter scene?
Recreate it here using fishing line and envelopes.

Cute centerpieces consisting of
potions made of jars & food coloring
along with a pair of round glasses.
Recreate the idea here and here.

Ever wanted your own Great Hall in your home?
Buy some flameless candles and learn how to do it here.

Recreate the Winged Key scene from The Sorcerer's Stone
using paper and old keys.

How funny is this Moaning Myrtle toilet seat idea?

How creative is this Sybill Trelawney teacup Grim?
All you need are teacups, glue, and sesame seeds.
Photo credit.

Food Ideas

Start off with a Sorting Hat made of pita bread.
Recipe can be found here.

How simple (but cute) are these crescent roll Wizard Hats?
Find the recipe here.

Time for dessert? Why not recreate the Honeydukes shop?
Chocolate frogs, Bertie Bott's, licorice wands, cockroach clusters, etc.
Photo credit.

Here's another great Honeydukes table.

If you've always wondered how Florean Fortescue's ice cream tastes,
find the recipe here.

Here is a simple recipe for Cauldron Cakes!

How gorgeous are these Golden Snitch cake pops?
Find out how to make them here.

Drink Ideas

What would any Harry Potter themed party be without Butterbeer?
Find the recipe here.

Throwing the party on a warm day?
The baker above also has a Frozen Butterbeer recipe.

She also has a Butterbeer Hot Chocolate recipe for the winter!

I'm dying to try out these Buzzfeed Harry Potter cocktails.
The Polyjuice Potion recipe sounds especially delicious!

Thank you for taking the time to browse through this post.
It literally took me 2 hours to put it together. Lol!

What do you think? In the mood to throw an HP party soon?

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