April 13, 2015

Booklover Buys: Harry Potter on Etsy

I spend so much time on Etsy, it's seriously becoming a problem. I search through so many random shops and favorite hundreds of items that I will probably never buy-- all because everything is so damn cute.

I think it's time I put my Etsy hours to use and actually share what I find. That way I have something to show for all the mindless browsing I do!

This week, I'm sharing my Harry Potter finds!

Harry Potter themed clock
It reminds me of the one in Ron's house! (;
$23.00 @ LetterThings

Deathly Hallows Necklace
$29.00 @ ChestOfReverie

Maurader's Map Replica
$10.94 @ Igcraft

Mini Clay Harry Potter Book Set
A cute display idea for those who only have the ebooks!
$27.50 @ ClayPastures

Mini Harry Potter Notebooks
made of recycled trading cards
$2.50+ @ StalkingMarla

Harry Potter Mini Book Keychain
$4.61 @ Just1MoreChapter

Mini Harry Potter Books Bracelet
$24.00 @ LittleLiterature

Expecto Patronum Women's Tank Top
$13.00 @ blackpearlmaker

Harry Potter Shoes
$31.00 @ PaintedFandomShoes

If you see any other cute Harry Potter items, please let me know!

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