April 20, 2015

Booklover Buys: Bookish Shirts from LookHuman

Booklover Buys is a post I do every Tuesday to share all the awesome bookish stuff I see while searching the internet.

Every week, I share book-related items of a certain theme or from a specific website.

This week's theme is bookish shirts from the website LookHuman.

Reading is partying, too, right? $29.00

Harry Potter, Patron, and Rum. Yasss! $28.00

Do you lift, bro? $29.00

The Muggle struggle is real, indeed. $28.00

You look like a keeper. $29.00

Quidditch tryouts tank. $29.00

LOTR. $28.00

And lastly, this is for all you Supernatural fans. $29.00

I highly recommend this site!
They have a whole bunch of nerdy shirts!

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