April 8, 2015

3 Month Blogoversary: Amazon Gift Card & Red Queen (Hardcover) Giveaway

You guys are awesome! I started this blog on January 8th of this year as part of a New Year resolution to myself. 2014 had been a rough year for reading for me because of an awful book slump that I just couldn't kick (because Netflix).

I created my blog to keep reading as a priority but also to write my thoughts on what I read. In the past, I had read so many books, but I never remembered what they were about or why I enjoyed them. I never expected to meet such an amazing group of people that share my love for YA. (:

As a thank you for everyone's support and kind words during my 3 months of blogging, I'm hosting a small giveaway! One person will win a $10 Amazon Gift Card and a hardcover copy of one of my favorite reads this year: Red Queen.

After 3 Months of Blogging, I Have:

81 blog posts
5555 page views
763 followers (GFC, G+, Twitter, Bloglovin' Goodreads)

You guys are seriously the best!

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