January 30, 2015

Feature & Follow: Hard Copy or Kindle/Nook

Feature and Follow is a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read.

The point of Feature and Follow is to meet new people & gain followers in the book blog community!

How it works: Each week, Rachel and Alison post a question for bloggers to answer, provide a bloghop link, and choose two lucky participants to feature in their blogs!

This week's featured blog is A Writer's Dark Corner! They focus on reviewing horror books, which is pretty cool, so go check them out!
This week's featured question is: Hard print (real thing) or Kinde/Nook, which is your favorite? - suggested by The Realm of Books
I prefer my Kindle! When I want to read something, I want to read it now! Like, right now! There's no time to go to the bookstore, I can't wait two days for it to come in the mail via Amazon Prime. I need it now! Also, it's super convenient having all of my books in my Amazon cloud and I enjoy having the ability to highlight passages or quotes that I really like. That being said, if I really like a book, I will buy the hard print of it!
How about you? Do you prefer hard prints or ebooks?
Happy Reading!

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